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Dry brushing is excellent for improving circulation, lymphatic drainage, and for exfoliating the skin. We carry two dry brush options, the Princess brush and a medium firm palm brush. 

The Princess Dry Body Brush is the perfect dry brush for those with delicate, mature, or sensitive skin. The soft jute fibers of the Princess Brush are also great for those who are new to dry brushing. Made in Fair Trade communities in Sri Lanka. Fully biodegradable.

The palm brush is made from beech wood and natural goat hair bristles. It is more firm than the Princess brush and will therefore brush off more dead skin cells. Not recommended for those with sensitive skin. It comes with a travel-friendly cotton bag and a step by step guide to dry brushing

Directions: Before showering, gently brush your skin using wide, circular, clockwise motions brushing towards your heart. Start from your feet and move up your body using light pressure where you skin is thin and harder pressure on areas with thicker skin, like the soles of your feet. Brush your arms last working from your hands towards your armpits. Finish with a shower to remove dry skin and follow with a natural body oil for moisture. Intended for dry use, if the brush gets wet, hang to dry.

Dry Body Brush

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