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CoffeeSock Filters are a reusable alternative to single-use paper filters. The filters are made from organic cotton that absorbs some of the oils released from coffee beans while allowing acids to pass through. The result is a robust brew with a balanced level of oils and acid.


CoffeeSock filters are durable and will last at least year or more with proper care. Each box contains two filters of your chosen size/make (with the exception of the Nut Milk filter which only contains one)


CoffeeSock Filters


Directions: Use filter as you normally would to make your coffee. Rinse thoroughly when finished and allow to dry out before the next use. Soap is unnecessary although you may use a mild detergent if you like. Boil the filters for 10 minutes approximately once every 6-8 weeks to remove excess oils, or whenever filters may be soiled by other food particles. You may use a scoop of baking soda or a CoffeeSock cleaning tab to further clean your filter if you like.

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