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Empowering others to live thoughtfully


Arrowleaf and Arnica strives to be an agent of inspiration by creating and promoting comfortable, every day fashion that is good for people and good for the earth.


My goal is to spark real and valuable change in the world by providing actionable steps for sustainability in everyday life and small businesses. I believe that the world we live in and the people who live here matter, so every choice we make at home and with our wallets matters too. 

Sustainability shouldn't be complicated, and kindness should never be underestimated. 

Live thoughtfully.



P.S. To read more about why these goals and values matter so much to me, take a peek at my bio. 

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As a rule, I use non-toxic alternatives to harsh chemicals when creating my jewelry. Whenever possible, in the studio and in my home, I utilize natural and plant-based alternatives to traditional chemicals or cleaning products.

My studio is located in my home and is lit during the day with large windows, and any lights that are used have energy efficient LED light bulbs. 

I'm constantly moving more of my daily lifestyle habits over to sustainable alternatives. Check out my blog (coming soon) to follow along!

All silver and gold are sourced from companies that hold a Responsible Jewellery Council Certification. These certifications ensure that jewelry product manufacturers are responsible for maintaining ethical social and environmental practices in all their operations. Certification holders must also meet a Code of Conduct that ensures respect for human rights through their supply chains. 

All gems and beads are sourced from companies that care deeply about the welfare and happiness of those who make the beads. Beads and gems are purchased from small scale artisans who are paid a fair price for their products. 


Arrowleaf and Arnica partners with Eden Reforestation Project to plant trees in countries that suffer from deforestation and poverty. Your purchase goes to employ locals of these countries to plant new forests. Not only do they receive a fair wage that can bring them out of poverty, but they actively participate in rehabilitating their local ecosystems. 

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