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Sky blue and white clouds captured on silver bands. This two stone split ring frames your finger and complements any assemblage of other rings you might care to wear at the same time.


Turquoise and howlite stones on a sterling silver band.


Size 7.25 - gently adjustable


All of the pieces in my collections are handmade with recycled sterling and fine silver as well as hand-cut, ethically sourced stones. This means that no two will be exactly alike and will likely boast the small imperfections that give handcrafted items their unique character and soul.


Silver naturally oxidizes and darkens with time; to clean your sterling silver jewelry, you can gently polish with a soft cloth or the polishing cloth that may be included with your purchase. Please note that some pieces might have elements that have been intentionally oxidized and darked to bring out certain features; excessive polishing could remove these.

Two Stone Split Ring No. 2