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Ditch the plastic sandwich bags for reusable, multi-use Stasher bags! Made from durable food-grade silicone with a Pinch-Loc seal, a single one of these leak-free bags can keep approximately 260 single-use plastic bags out of the oceans each year. Plus they're dishwasher and microwave safe, you can write on them, and they can even be used in the oven (up to 425F)! They won't melt if they touch the stove, they hold up great in the freezer, and you can use them to sous vide. There's really not much these bags can't do.

Mini: Thoughtfully designed for perfect portions, light leftovers, and saucy snacks. Store just under a quart of your favorites like avocados, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and dips, and essentials like hand sani, wipes, and sunscreen. Think of it as the studio apartment of Stasher Bags: the perfect amount of space for one. Will hold 28 fluid ounces.

Mid: Possibly the most versatile of the Stasher lineup, the Stand-Up Stasher is endlessly reusable and useful in the kitchen and beyond. Perfect for bulk shopping, storing leftovers and soups, and marinating meat and veggies, the Stand-Up Stasher folds flat when not in use for ultimate portability and space saving. Will hold 56 fluid ounces.

Mega: If you’re looking for serious storage, the Mega Stand-Up holds nearly a gallon of goodness. Designed for true volume shopping and smarter packing, the Mega will keep your melons fresh, your sourdough frozen, your clothes sorted, your tech protected, your dog food wag-worthy, your artichokes steamed, and up to 3 soda cans contained in the cooler. Will hold 104 Fluid ounces.

Stasher Stand-Up Bags

SKU: K405306
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