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These shower steamers turn a regular shower into a spa experience! The heat and steam of the water will release essential oils, making your shower smell amazing. The best part? These tablets are also made to work as a therapeutic bath soak, meaning you can use one as a bath bomb to make your self-care time a little more relaxing.


Pro Tip: One of these tablets can easily last two showers! Get a little more bang for your buck by breaking a tablet in half; save the extra half in a dry location for your next shower!

Shower Steamer

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Simply sprinkle a little water on one of these tablets and set off to the side in your shower, the ideal location is where it will get a little of the shower spray but not directly under the stream of water.

The wrapping on these steamers is Biolefin Biodegradable shrinkwrap. This film is designed to break down in landfills over the course of 2-3 years and can also be composted in an industrial composting facility. Biolefin shrinkwrap be composted at home but will take much longer than other organic waste to break down. 

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