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An estimated 2 billion razors and refill cartridges are thrown away every year. Switching to a more sustainable option doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality or pay more. Designed for precision and comfort, Safety Razors provide a smooth and close shave. They're also a sustainable alternative to disposable razors, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run. The Safety Razor is gentle on your skin, minimizing irritation and razor burns. Each razor comes five blades that you simply replace when needed. They can be saved in a tin and recycled later, meaning there's no plastic and no waste!

Directions: Exfoliate skin first if desired. Apply a shaving cream, oil, or soap and shave wet. Rinse well and follow with a body or face oil. Clean razor well and allow to dry. Store in a dry location, away from moisture. When blade becomes dull, simply unscrew the razor head and replace. Spent blades can be recycled/brought to local scrap metal recycler for safe disposal. Often pharmacy's and drug stores will provide sharps containers upon request.

Safety Razor

SKU: 349146Z
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