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The Saalt Disc is designed to be the most comfortable and easiest reusable disc to insert and remove due to a custom finger notch. The disc sits behind your pubic bone and doesn't rely on suction to form a seal, this makes it ideal for those who have a weak pelvic floor, a sensitive bladder, or a high or low cervix.


The disc also has a higher capacity than the cups. Like the Saalt menstrual cups, the disc is made from medical grade silicone and can last up to ten years! Meaning you'll save money and reduce a significant amount of plastic waste.


The Saalt Disc comes in two sizes, regular and small. Learn more about the Saalt Menstrual Disc here!

Menstrual Disc


Not sure which size to choose? Read on!

Saalt Disc Regular:

  • For normal to heavy flow (5-6 tampon capacity)
  • New disc user
  • Those with a high cervix
  • Anyone who has difficulty keeping menstrual cups inserted

Saalt Disc Small:

  • For light to normal flow (3 - 4 tampon capacity)
  • Those with a low cervix
  • Teens or young adults
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