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100% French activated charcoal produced from oak or beech wood that would otherwise become waste from sawmills. These activated carbon sticks filter water as effectively as Binchotan charcoal and help to rebalance the pH of water while binding excess metals and chemicals like chlorine that are commonly found in tap water.

Directions: Each Stick can filter between 1L and 2L of water and will last approximately 6 months. Boil once for about 10 minutes before using and then once a month to keep the pores open. Allow to dry in between filtrations and do not leave in water for more than 48 hours. After about 6 months (maybe less if your water quality is poor) the stick will become grey and no longer filter as efficiently. The stick can then be recycled as a dehumidifier, air freshener (when placed in a cloth bag), or plant fertilizer. For more detailed information, please visit

Made of: Oak or beech that has been treated with a unique patented process that is incredibly sustainable and extremely efficient to create activated carbon with a purity of >90%

Charcoal Water Purifier Stick

SKU: M570019
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