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These sustainable bamboo mason jar drinking lids are always a top seller! Easily convert Mason jars into drinking cups. Made with bamboo and a removable silicone seal, these lids also feature a straw hole making them perfect for your on-the-go sipping needs.


While these lids are made to fit standard and wide mouth Mason jars, they often also fit food jars from the store... meaning you can easily repurpose that old old pasta sauce jar into a super cute drinking cup or boba cup for a super simple zero-waste swap!


Bamboo Mason Jar Drinking Lids

SKU: 2287726
  • Standard-size Mason jars: 2 3⁄8" inner and 2 3⁄4" outer diameter

    Wide mouth: 3" inner and 3 3⁄8" outer diameter.

    Straw hole is 0.56"

  • Hand wash and allow to air dry. The silicone ring can be removed to clean individually (silicone can be boiled to sanitize if needed). Avoid the use of steel wool or dishwashers when cleaning your bamboo lid. Please note that despite being naturally antibacterial in nature, bamboo is still susceptible to molding when exposed to water for extended periods. To avoid this ensure that your lid is fully dried in between uses. If mold does occur, clean with a soft bristled brush and treat with a solution of vinegar and water or lemon oil.

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